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1 How old do I have to be to consume cannabis legally?

Adults 19+
of age

2 Where can I buy cannabis from?

Only from licensed agents of the NULC at

3 How much cannabis can I legally consume?

30 Grams is the most you can buy or carry at a time

4 Where can I smoke cannabis?

You can’t smoke in most public places – Know your local laws. You CAN consume cannabis in a private residence or licensed smoke lounge

5 Can I smoke cannabis while driving?

No, driving while under the influence of cannabis is illegal

6 Can I have cannabis in my vehicle?

Cannabis cannot be within reach of anyone in a vehicle. It must be stored away from arms reach. A good rule of thumb is the trunk of the car

7 Can I grow cannabis plants in my home?

Yes, you can legally grow 4 plants per household

8 Can I buy edible cannabis products?

No, these are still illegal to sell

9 Can I bring my underage child, friend, family member into a cannabis store with me when I am purchasing?

No, Minors are not allowed within cannabis retail stores even when accompanied by adults


1 How old do I have to be to drink alcohol legally?

Adults 19+
of age

2 Can I drink while driving?

No, In Nunavut, it is illegal for someone to drive a vehicle with a blood alcohol level higher than 0.05%

3 Can I bring a minor into the Iqaluit Beer and Wine Store with me when I am going to purchase?

Yes. Minors can be in the store but NOT purchase

4 Can I walk with open alcohol on the streets or in my workplace in Nunavut?

No, alcohol can only be consumed in your residence, or in areas where permits have been issued for the responsible consumption of alcohol. Ex. Restaurant, pub, or special event

5 If I own a business, can I sell alcohol?

If you’re a current licensed establishment by the NULC, yes. If not, you need to apply for a license here

6 Do I need a permit to serve alcohol at a special event that is not hosted in a licensed liquor facility?

Yes. You can obtain your special occasion permit here

7 Is there information on the safe and responsible consumption of alcohol?

Yes. www.responsiblenunavut.ca

8 If I am caught drinking and driving over the allowable limit what happens?

A. 0.05% over = 24 hour suspension of license.

B. 0.08% over = Criminal offence under the Federal criminal code of Canada. Conviction of impaired driving.

a. $1000 Fine and 12-month probation 1st time offense.
b. 30-day jail sentence and 24 month probation 2nd time offense.
c. 120 – day jail sentence and 36-month probation for 3rd or more offenses.

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